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Here's who we are:

Love, LeRoy was formed in 2021, the brainchild of several forward-thinking individuals who consider the LeRoy community home. These folks came together to establish a place for our "joiners". Want to get involved in this community? We're your people. We meet regularly on the third Thursday of the month at the LeRoy branch of the Coffey County Library. 

What do we do? At our meetings, you'll not only hear us talk, but join the conversation on housing, recreation, economy, cleanup, and so much more

We are collaborating with the Coffey County Housing Authority and Economic Development to promote affordable and attractive housing and prosperous business, to name a few organizations. We are in contact with many of our fellow LeRoians to support cleanup projects at their homes and properties.  We are attending city council meetings to keep in the know on the happenings of our local government. We are in talks with our local enforcement and protection offices to provide education and togetherness through the showcasing of their members and equipment.


We are constantly discussing new ideas for LeRoy, and we hope that you will accept our invitation to meet with us in exploring possibilities for the future. 



Meet the officers of Love, LeRoy! These key players, in conjunction with all of our members, make things happen on a daily basis. Reach out for information on events, meetings, and more. 


Sarah Stewart President


Rob McCann

Vice President


Bryson Meats

Julie McCann

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community Planning and Development Committee

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