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Welcome to the Internet!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Here it is in all its glory. Be amazed! But really, be amazed at all the junk we were able to cram into this website--a place where you and your loved ones can bask in the warm glow of information.

Love, LeRoy is an expanding group of volunteers focused on a better community. To aide our efforts in growing our reach and improving our communication, we wanted to be able to reach you through the far-extending eye of the world wide web. We live in a society where the vast intake of our information comes through a screen, and we feel that local committees and organizations can only stand to benefit from the sharing of info across the web.

At this address, you will find updates on community service and improvement projects, calendars, fundraising links, event registrations, links to our social media, and more. We encourage you to explore its depths and let us know what you think in the "get in touch" form on the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by; hope to see you again, soon!


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